#30: All fun and games until somebody starts to cry

Did I tell you that Kentucky Route Zero is the greatest game ever conceived by mankind? No? Go and buy it. Besides that, Indie Games are where it’s at. The gaming industry has since quite a while superseeded films in terms of spending on projects and income revenue. But it became a true industry with all it’s lifelessness. Reason enough to show the power of love… that those indie devs put into their games.

Go forth and playeth these:

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#29: How we do things online

I’ve always been a big fan of the internet, although a critical one. Some of the following examples are just a few of the many examples of how to break, rewrite, misuse and create the internet. They show that coding is not a necessary skill anymore, but it’s certainly helpful.

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#27: Unknown Territories

The virtual is a vast unknown. It’s emergence is altering our perception, our interaction with the physical, with ourselves, society at large. Virtual epistemology.

There is not much more to say. Just have a look at this wonderful articles about the unknown territories we are entering.

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#24: Praxis

McKenzie Wark has a wonderful essay over at publicseminar about how ooo misses praxis in it’s thought. Reason enough to show some of the more obscure things artists do, epistemological and ontological praxis.

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#23: Emergent Politics

Politics is the discourse on how you want to be organized. Democracy can’t be scaled indefinitly. Politics also need to be assumption-free. The map is not the people. What follows are examples of aspects of emergent politics – politic that happens to happen.

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