Disobedient multispecies electronic sidewalks.


Disobedient multispecies electronic sidewalks.

First of all, thank you very much for Garnet for sending me a copy of Disobedient Electronics. And thank you very much Spurse for the Eat your Sidewalk project and especially the codecook.

I got both in my mail in the same week.

both zines

While Disobedient Electronics has a collection of great works of protest through pieces and works of electronics, I found it much more interesting to reflect on the medium of the zine in this case - especially since the Eat your Sidewalk Codebook is produced and distributed in the same manner.

There are ubiquitous connections to zines as a medium to meander.

  • xeroxing
  • punk and diy

But with the rise of the internet and easy publishing through plattforms and social media, information spreading went online.

I'm not a specialist on zine or zine culture. I fascinates me, that technological literate people and projects resort to a common smallest material denominator in safe documentaion: paper sent by snailmail.

Some zines also digitalize the products again:

Hackteria's Empathic Taxidermia Zine: http://www.hackteria.org/wiki/Taxidermia_HEL2016#Hackteria.27s_Empathetic_Taxidermia_Zine Mary Tsang's Open Source Estrogen Estrozine: http://maggic.ooo/Open-Source-Estrogen-Interactivos-16

Instant artefacts