“What characterizes embodied aesthetics and practices which nurture more-than-human communities?”

Array.prototype.random = function () {
 return this[Math.floor((Math.random()*this.length))];
var s = '"What ' +
 ['defines' ,'construes' ,'characterizes'].random().toString() + ' ' +
 ['embodied' ,'materialized' ,'manifested'].random().toString() + ' ' +
 ['aesthetics and practices' ,'forms' ,'processes'].random().toString() + ' ' +
 'which ' +
 ['nurture' ,'develop' ,'maintain'].random().toString() + ' ' +
 ['beyond-human' ,'multispecies' ,'animistic'].random().toString() + ' ' +
 ['communities' ,'neighborhoods' ,'assemblages'].random().toString() + '?"';


I'm interested in aesthetics and practices that embrace the local environmental conditions or landscapes, and transcends these to create and maintain beyond-human communities. These aesthetics and practices are often rooted in folklore or animism. An example would be the small Japanese do-it-yourself Shinto-altars that can be found hidden away in urban environments. Another would be the Elvavrålet, which is a reminiscent of the Alpsegen, a pagan/christian practice of praying to the mountains at dawn.

There a few key aspects I'm interested in:

  • Memory practices rooted in environment and landscape to preserve cultural and community knowledge
  • Creating and maintaining multi-species communities, which include non-human actors
  • Folklore beyond nationalistic or capitalistic tendencies: Animistic aesthetics and practices are often decentralised and highly fluid in their appearance and adaption, similar to anarchist thought
  • Extending or translating these aesthetics and practices to include or work in the digital realm