#30: All fun and games until somebody starts to cry


Did I tell you that Kentucky Route Zero is the greatest game ever conceived by mankind? No? Go and buy it. Besides that, Indie Games are where it's at. The gaming industry has since quite a while superseeded films in terms of spending on projects and income revenue. But it became a true industry with all it's lifelessness. Reason enough to show the power of love... that those indie devs put into their games.

Go forth and playeth these:

Frontimage by: Polytron Corporation - Fez press kit (via email), CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30719687

Stick Shift is an autoerotic night-driving game about pleasuring a gay car

Is this SAFE FOR WORK??? There is no human nudity in this game at all, but there are plenty of hot naked gay cars, big swollen exposed gear sticks, and oozing exhaust pipes.

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In a Game, Foraging for Mushrooms with a Grandmother Who Listens

Lieve Oma is a game in which you hunt for mushrooms with your grandmother beneath trees saturated with autumnal colors. It's also about how a simple conversation can indicate so much more about a relationship, where the words unsaid echo as much as those spoken aloud.


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A popular video game now randomizes your race and gender - and many white men are furious

But it's not the betrayal and tension that has gamers upset with Rust. Instead, it's a new feature recently added to the game, which has 500,000 players each week, by developer Garry Newman: Your character's gender and race are now randomized. So even if you're a white man in real life, you now may be forced to play a black woman.

Men, particularly white men, are not happy.


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The Minecraft Generation

How a clunky Swedish computer game is teaching
millions of children to master the digital world.

This is a really long and good read how games are unexplectedly forming our future.

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