#27: Unknown Territories

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The virtual is a vast unknown. It's emergence is altering our perception, our interaction with the physical, with ourselves, society at large. Virtual epistemology.

There is not much more to say. Just have a look at this wonderful articles about the unknown territories we are entering.

Why You Can't Trust GPS in China


Trap streets are also compelling evidence that maps don't always equal the territory. What if not just one random building or street, however, but an entire map is deliberately wrong? This is the strange fate of digital mapping products in China: there, every street, building, and freeway is just slightly off its mark, skewed for reasons of national and economic security.

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Inside the Artificial Universe That Creates Itself


Here, in a dim room half an hour south of London, a tribe of programmers sit bowed at their computers, creating a vast digital cosmos. Or rather, through the science of procedural generation, they are making a program that allows a universe to create itself.

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In Virtual Reality, Finally a World for Men


That Zuckerberg chose to forego the Treatment way back then should have been a sign. The virtues of virtual reality blinded us to its reality: It wasn't a panorama, but a prison. There are the Founders, and there are the Bearers, and the former are spared the shame of walking among the latter. But back then everything still intermingled, just like the sweat and heat that we finally foreswore for its clean, cortical alternative.

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With love from my robot: virtual assistants may secretly be emailing you

"You asked me how I conceived of 'her', not 'it'. When you talk about 'her,' we're 90% there already," said Dennis Mortensen, whose company, X.ai, has pioneered email bot personal assistants. "You already conceive of her as a human being even though you know she's a machine. Now we have something to work with."

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