#24: Praxis


McKenzie Wark has a wonderful essay over at publicseminar about how ooo misses praxis in it's thought. Reason enough to show some of the more obscure things artists do, epistemological and ontological praxis.

Wark's essay is titled "From OOO to P(OO)" - not without a pinch of humor. Where as he starts out with that he "would want to move on from the contemplative thought of ooo to what it cannot but acknowledge in passing but continually represses: the labor or praxis via which a thing is known" - he ends up with paraphrasing "Haraway's 'staying with the trouble' as staying with the poo, meaning both staying with the praxis, but also meaning - staying with the poo. Stay with the waste, the neglect, the bad byproduct.".

This is once more a very important move. Staying with the poo, the waste, the neglect and the bad byproduct means to acknowledge that we humans are material densifications in time-space, influenced by materia, influencing materia. We produce trash, harmful trash, and no philosophical trend can safe us from that. In so far Additivism is much more honest then ooo in regard to human praxis.

But now, for some more delightful things.

A cryptoweaving experiment

"One of the potentials of weaving I'm most interested in is being able to demonstrate fundamentals of software in threads - partly to make the physical nature of computation self evident, but also as a way of designing new ways of learning and understanding what computers are."

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A Bell for Lost Species

"The bronze began to sweat, and drip, and slide into liquid form like butter melting in a pan, and as this alchemy took place I read a roll call of the names of creatures we will never see again - the auroch, the giant short-faced bear, the Darling Downs hopping mouse, the elephant bird, the Syrian wild ass, the pig-footed bandicoot, the Ilin Island cloudrunner, the laughing owl, the bluebuck, the quagga, the sharp-snouted day frog, the tarpan, the turquoise-throated puffleg."

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A Chinese artist vacuumed up Beijing's smog for 100 days and made a brick from what he collectedrtr3saw1

"While many Beijing residents are staying indoors to escape the cloud of heavy pollution hanging over the city, one man with a vacuum cleaner has been exposing himself to the toxic air four hours a day, for 100 days in a row."

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Queer Artist Launches DIY Gender Hormone Biohacking Project

"Ryan Hammond, an artist and tactical biologist based in Baltimore, wants to make the process easier using genetically modified plants. He plans to engineer transgenic tobacco plants to produce gender hormones like estrogen and testosterone, allowing anyone to grow their own supplements at home."

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Hybrid Practice


The fifth episode of DIYSECT, Hybrid Practices gives a chronological outlook at the field of "bioart," beginning with the pioneering works of Joe Davis and Eduardo Kac and ending with the merging of the field with DIYBio and biohacking at the present moment.