#21 Human-ness - Accessing the world

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Being human is a choice we make every day. And despite all the talk about non-human, not-human and in-human we still need to access the material world in a humanly way. Here are some beautiful examples on how to do that.

African Electronics


Describing African Electronics as a "spiritual approach to individual power," Serge intertwined his take on African Electronics with the values of "Afrogallonism" for his performance at this year's festival. A movement he started 15 years ago, Afrogallonism looks to a futurist Africa through the lens of the distinctive, usually yellow, gallon containers used by Ghanaians to carry water.

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Back streets of the Internet


The Internet Yami-Ichi is one gripping example of recent artistic experimentations with the materiality of the web. Created by the Japanese artist collectives IDPW (pronounced "i-pass") and Exonemo, the Yami-Ichi is a real-life counter-market for internet-related goods. Somewhere between "flea" and "black," the Yami-Ichi is at once both and neither.

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The (Re)invention of Cyberspace


As is evident at _What's Happening?, _the claim that Gibson introduced the term is not historically correct, but even though it is interesting that Ussing and Hoff introduces 'cyberspace' more than a decade prior to Gibson, the fact that they present a far more optimistic and humane concept of cyberspace is even more fascinating.

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The Rise of the Rural Hacker


For some though, the freedom to Hack is more important than that million dollar exit and so a new model is emerging. Groups of Hackers in rural communities with low cost lifestyles and access to the world's best technical talent and equipment that would put the best startups to shame.

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Werner Herzog Narrates the Touching, Existential Journey of a Plastic Bag


This list wouldn't be complete without some Werner Herzog in it.

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