#20: Artificial Intelligence

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The discussion around the subject of artificial intelligence is finally getting interesting. And with interesting I mean absurdly weird. Let's see what came in these days.

While Jerry Kaplan is asking himself "Can You Rape a Robot", approximately 5 million female Ashley Madison bots kept the male users in the loop. And what do we do to strengthen our bonds with our new friends? We psychoanalyze them, like good humans do. But after all, we have no clue what AI really is. Hopefully in an advanced state, it will even completely ignore us.

Maybe Artificial Intelligence is our best bet yet to come in contact with a world-in-itself and a world-without-us - to use the beautiful labels Eugene Thacker comes up with. AI is free from moral implications, yet and still. That might change. It is also something created very much in our own mind - and we failed at that. Creating AI is applied self-reflexion.

And when we look into the mirror and don't see ourselves - what then?

Jerry Kaplan Has Written The Scariest AI Book Yet

The book as well as the interview is about what if we give robots the same rights and duties as humans.

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Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site

Aproximately 5.5 million users of the total 37 where female. And out of these just a mere 70'000 are real accounts. So what were these users on the plattform realy doing?

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#### Move over, Turing - **Let Rorschach have a turn.** Classic Rorschach analysis - but with bots. [Read on Medium](https://medium.com/@hint_fm/move-over-turing-23b26027f049) #### Artificial Intelligence Is Already Weirdly Inhuman Our AI systems produce super weird results and we don't understand why. [Read on Nautilus](http://nautil.us/issue/27/dark-matter/artificial-intelligence-is-already-weirdly-inhuman?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=RSS_Syndication) #### Will Superintelligent AI Ignore Humans Instead of Destroying Us? Hopefully, AI will be to humans like humans are to bugs - we just squish a few every now and then...

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