Bob will die at 2pm - Necropolitics

So Bob Cole is going to end his live with the help of Dignitas... and millions of Sun readers tune in.

Bob announced his death on the front page of The Sun. And as so often, this kind of action creates a huge media storm. Most major media outlets tune in and inform. Where possible dozens of commentators hand in their opinions.

There is so much to discuss. That Bob is an Englishman who decided to die in Switzerland. That The Sun also supported the Iraq War. What it costs the swiss people. That it's his liberal right to choose to die when he wants.

Welcome to necropolitics.

Necropolitics is an essential area of posthuman thinking, according to Rosi Braidotti. Necropolitics is

The relationship between sovereignty and power over life and death.

and as such related to biopolitics and biopower. Who can die how and when. These are essential questions. In some societies we have abandoned almost all relation to death as an event which will certainly occur. Some few rituals have survived there and there. Even fewer are actively practiced and understood. These rituals once governed death.

Modern death eludes our imagination. Drone warfare, viral epidemics and climate catastrophes but also self-styled suicides, longevity soilents and transhuman fantasies. Our handling of death is guided by an understanding which doesn't fit anymore.

Bob's case shouldn't produce such an attention. And it's not only the media that produce the attention for personal gain. ust imagine for a second the handling of the bodies of the fugitives that drowned in the mediterranean sea. They will never be retrieved. A case that would have been handled completely different if it would have been a plane with european tourists.

We wont be able to escape death for quite a while. And even then, there will be people who decide to die. We urgently need to reevaluate our relationship to death as a society. The handling of this matter has a huge influence on many other topics.