#17: Birth Control and Infrastructure

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There is nothing without birth or infrastructure. Access and power over both are foundational. See what this weeks reads hauled in.

First Abortion Drone flight a success, women in Poland receive medical abortions


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Chinese researchers have genetically modified a human embryo-and many scientists think they've gone too far


Proponents of genetic engineering tend to talk about the potential benefits, such as eradicating hereditary diseases like hemophilia or sickle-cell anemia not just in a single patient, but in all of his or her descendants as well. Opponents talk about the dangers of genetic fixes gone wrong, or at the extreme end of the spectrum, the dystopian prospect of wealthy parents ordering up genetically perfect "designer babies."

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GynePunk, the cyborg witches of DIY gynecology


Located in the hills west of Barcelona, the Calafou community where the GynePunk collective originated defines itself as a "postcapitalist ecoindustrial colony". Their environment is nothing to dream about-the river is contaminated, the old hydroelectric power plant generates electric fields that affect their daily lives.

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How to See Infrastructure: A Guide for Seven Billion Primates


If we lift up the manhole cover, lock-out the equipment, unscrew the housing, and break the word into components, infrastructure means, simply, below-structure. Like infrared, the below-red energy just outside of the reddish portion of the visible light section of the electromagnetic spectrum. Humans are not equipped to see infrared with our evolved eyes, but we sometimes feel it as radiated heat.

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