#18: Hard Limits, Soft Minds

While we hit the limits of Moore's Law we rapidly expand in the digital realm. Meanwhile some crazy scientists started to melded animals minds together.

Scientiest just developed the smallest possible transistor. But that can't be the end, as John Markoff argues. He rambles through all things techno-societal that are en vogue right now. Meanwhile Next Nature speculates, how future generations perceive current digital cults. Interpretation of digital culture doesn't need to happen in the future. We can travel through the vast worlds of EVE Online with Eric Grundhauser.

And last but not least, scientiests are melding animal minds. And those egregores are more efficient then one single mind...

At the limit of Moore's law: scientists develop molecule-sized transistors

Scientists have created a transistor made up of a single molecule. Surrounded by just 12 atoms, it is likely to be the smallest possible size for a transistor [...]

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# The Next Wave: [John Markoff](http://edge.org/memberbio/john_markoff)


Now, it may not be over forever, but it's clearly paused. All the things that have been driving everything that I do, the kinds of technology that have emerged out of here that have changed the world, have ridden on the fact that the cost of computing doesn't just fall, it falls at an accelerating rate. And guess what? In the last two years, the price of each transistor has stopped falling. That's a profound moment.

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Meet Minecrafts Mysterious Pixel Cult


This recursiveness of existence is valid all the way down from the top to the bottom. Hence, in the dept of being, Minecraftians believe the entire Universe to be one whole enormous undivided pixel.

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Hidden Wonders of the Digital World: EVE Online


EVE Online is such a huge universe, and carries such an emphasis on impersonal number-crunching that it seems almost hilariously antithetical that exploring it can feel so singular and unique. But it's instances like my inability to reach Steve the Titan that make it so exciting. Visiting that landmark must be earned, and not simply by finding a way to outwit a computer, but by taking part in the living universe surrounding New Eden.

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Scientists Demonstrate Animal Mind-Melds


In recent years, scientists have wondered what brains could do if they were linked together into even bigger networks. Miguel A. Nicolelis, director of the Center for Neuroengineering at Duke University, and his colleagues have now made the idea a bit more tangible by linking together animal brains with electrodes.

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